Rating & Ranking

Requirements of rating and ranking agencies

Sustainability ratings and rankings play a major role in the evaluation of corporate climate and sustainability strategies and the formulation of goals. Stakeholders from the financial sector in particular utilize the results of rating and ranking agency evaluations to determine economic risk and success factors for companies and investors based on data on environmental and social performance. sustainable helps companies from a wide variety of industries to improve their rating results for the CDP, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, oekom research, sustainalytics or MSCI ratings and optimize the necessary data processes and workflows.

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Evaluating Requirements

sustainable offers the following advisory services to companies participating in ratings and rankings:

  • Identification and evaluation of rankings and ratings that could be relevant to your company
  • Comparison of the specific requirements of different ratings and rankings such as CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), oekom research, sustainalytics and MSCI against your company profile
  • Analysis of the relevant evaluation criteria to set priorities for the different ratings and rankings
  • Identification of the required data management actions and optimization of existing questionnaire completion processes
  • Conducting workshops during the preparatory phase to address the requirements of the relevant rating and ranking agencies.

RobecoSAM - DJSI

sustainable offers the following advisory services to companies participating in RobecoSAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment:

  • Gap analysis to identify areas for improvement based on RobecoSAM requirements
  • Review of previous year’s RobecoSAM questionnaires
  • Prioritization of the identified topics and aspects based on the need for action and their potential to contribute to the company’s positioning in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Completion of the RobecoSAM questionnaire, informed by the results of the review, to provide an optimal foundation for the forthcoming rating process
  • Establishment of a steering committee to coordinate the preparatory process
  • Formulation of data management recommendations and optimization of the questionnaire response process
  • Conducting workshops during the preparatory phase to address RobecoSAM requirement

If your company also participates in other rating and ranking programs such as the CDP Climate Change Program, we will be happy to help you achieve synergies in terms of efficient completion of the relevant questionnaires.

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