Dr. Gereon Klein

Freelance Senior Consultant, Climatologist und Economist

Contact details

Tel. +49 1727651872
E-mail: gereon.klein@sustainable.de


Studied hydrology and economics in Freiburg et al. with a PhD in natural sciences on stochastic modeling of precipitation patterns in low mountain ranges.

Working on futures research in St. Gallen he specialized in scenario management, innovation, and facilitation of group dynamics. He gained more than 25 years professional experience as a freelance consultant leading dialogues, teamwork and strategy-design. As a coach and sparring partner, he works on entrepreneurship, leadership and decision making. During the last 15 years the topic of geo-physical processes and climate change adaptation came back into his professional attention.

Gereon has been with sustainable AG as a freelancer since 2016. He has been a board member of the sustainable AG since 2022.