About us


We do not want to leave the future to chance – our aim is to help shape the dialogue between companies and society. We firmly believe that in a market economy, companies play a central role in reconciling social, environmental and economic needs for the benefit of all.

Future social challenges such as climate change and demographic change will significantly transform our societies.We see our role as helping companies to better understand these changes and develop solutions that ensure long-term success while at the same time making a positive contribution to society.

It is these convictions that led us to start sustainable in 2008.

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Our consultancy approach puts people at the heart of everything we do.

Change comes from people. Our approach is based on addressing individuals both in their roles as employees of a company and as responsible members of society. The experience gained from the many projects we have carried out since 2008 has taught us that companies only change when the changes are driven by individuals who are fully committed to them.

Change serves people. Companies behave responsibly when they make a contribution towards improving people’s living standards. Accordingly, the protection of the natural environment is not simply an end in itself – it is an indispensable requirement for a society worth living in.

Change is a human learning process. We strongly believe that individuals and organizations behave responsibly when they learn to understand their role in society and to reconcile the success of their business with societal interests. This also includes learning which kinds of changes are possible and have good prospects of succeeding for a company and its people. Consequently, in addition to providing professional expertise, our core competencies include the management of internal change processes.


While change in our customers’ organizations is implemented by people, our role is to provide professional support in this process. Our experience with past project led to the development of key areas of action. These can vary greatly depending on the situation of the company, the people involved, the degree of maturity and the company’s market position. Our support ranges from relatively standardized processes such as carbon footprinting and structured processes such as the development of asustainability strategy all the way to open-ended processes such as the coaching of CR managers.

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