Training & Coaching

Getting better together

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We will help you organize company-wide or departmental workshops so that you can effectively leverage synergies within your company for strategic decision-making purposes. We also provide individual coaching for your executives and specialized personnel and moderate your company-wide events.

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Our innovative, interactive workshop and training formats will help you further your employees’ professional development. We will work with you to analyse the implications of global challenges for your company and address the resulting key sustainability concerns. This process will directly assist you in adapting your corporate strategy to future challenges so that you can continue to successfully position your company in the market going forward. In order to facilitate your strategy’s subsequent operational implementation, we can run departmental workshops focused on intensive additional training of small employee groups on sustainability concerns, the identification of measures and the development of roadmaps.

In addition to general workshops, we also provide individual coaching for your executives and specialized personnel. This allows us to target your employees’ specific needs even more accurately, helping them make the right strategic decisions or develop their specialist knowledge in a targeted manner.

We also develop training, workshop and dialogue concepts for business practitioners from industry associations, public sector clients and foundations. In doing so, we promote cooperation between organizations and communicate climate and sustainability management information and methods. By applying innovative Peer-Learning formats, we encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences which fosters the generation of new ideas and solutions.