Sustainable Finance – Climate Impact Assessment

Monetary assessment of long-term climate risks for companies and investors

Companies and investors are increasingly recognizing the business relevance of climate-related risks and opportunities. sustainable helps various types of organizations gather GHG data for reporting on risks and opportunities following the GRI standard and the mandatory CSR reporting requirements.

We support financial market actors to evaluate the climate risks of their investments by providing a monetary assessment tool based on forecastings up to 2030.

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Climate Impact Assessments for Companies

We assist listed companies with the analysis of climate risks as well as opportunities and advise them on the long-term transformation required to meet the 2°C target. Our approach is guided by the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) which, with the support of international stakeholders, establishes the framework for corporate financial reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities. The recommendations make explicit reference to the need for companies to address the 2°C scenario in the Paris Agreement. We can provide a 2°C risk assessment that evaluates the financial risks for your company associated with the present climate target, based on your current and projected greenhouse gas emissions. The climate-related risks and opportunities are described according to the GRI standard and the mandatory CSR reporting requirements.
Our 2°C risk assessments are available as 4-page 2°C climate profile PDF documents  PDF document.

Climate Impact Assessments for Investors

sustainable helps financial market actors to make monetary assessments of the climate risks of investments up to 2030. We provide the following Climate Impact Assessment services for investors:

  • 2°C risk assessment for shares, e.g. on the S&P 100, STOXX 50 and DAX30
  • 2°C risk assessment for investment portfolios
  • 2°C risk assessment for selected industries, e.g. chemical, steel and automotive.

Information for financial market actors are supplied as Excel data sets.

Request PDF with information on Climate Impact Assessments (only available in German)

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