Sustainability Strategy

Defining and adapting a sustainability strategy

Companies are increasingly being judged by their contribution to sustainable development and are expected to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their operations. Adopting a sustainability strategy allows companies to respond to these challenges. sustainable helps your company to develop a sustainability strategy that is in line with your core corporate strategy and that meets the expectations of your key stakeholders. A company’s sustainability goal must be clearly defined and comprehensibly communicated in order to drive positive change within the company and to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable business practices to the outside world (customers, investors and suppliers).

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Market analysis based on Porter’s Five Forces

An organization’s strategic repositioning starts with a thorough analysis of its competitive landscape, its customers and the policy framework, or an analysis of the business’ competitive environment based on Porter’s Five Forces. Our consultants will carry out a study to assess the number and strength of the competitors currently active on the market and will evaluate existing market entry barriers, current market and policy trends as well as the needs and expectations of your customers.

sustainable will help your business achieve a positioning that allows you to exploit your company’s current and future market potential while proactively accounting for and managing relevant sustainability risks and opportunities.

Materiality analysis

Analyzing your business environment is the first step in developing a competitive strategy that considers sustainability risks and opportunities. A materiality analysis provides a tool for identifying and prioritizing the sustainability topics most relevant to your business, and thus allows you to focus your efforts on the issues that have the highest priority for your organization and your stakeholders. We will work with you to identify the most significant environmental, social and governance issues that have an impact on your company, your stakeholders or on society.

sustainable orients its materiality assessment process on the United Nations’ new and internationally adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs include social, environmental, and economic goals meant to transform our world for the better and represent an opportunity for businesses to align corporate action with broader societal expectations and goals. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework that enable companies to take a holistic perspective on business development and maximize the impact of the derived measures at all levels. sustainable will guide you throughout this process and help you understand how your company can benefit from the SDGs while also making a positive contribution to their realization.

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Sustainability goals

Once your company’s key sustainability concern have been identified, it is crucial to set goals for each of them. We will help you to prioritize the sustainability issues affecting and affected by your organization, set goals and devise measures to achieve them. This process involves the definition of a clear roadmap with appropriate milestones to chart your success. Such a roadmap is the basis for the implementation process, which will be monitored using key performance indicators.