Water­ Management

Identifying risks and opportunities based on a water footprint for different reporting formats

Water is essential to all life and economic activity. While access to clean water has been recognized as a human right since 2010, water-related crises are time and again identified as one of the top 5 risks to the global economy by the World Economic Forum. The sustainable use of water as a resource and the proactive management of water risks are important components of sustainability management.

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For more and more companies, the sustainable use of water as a resource and the identification and prevention of related physical, regulatory and reputational risks are now an integral part of a holistic sustainability management strategy.

We advise our clients to address water-related challenges and include them in the development of their sustainability and environmental strategies. Our water management services include:

  • Collection of water-related data both on site and across the value chain
  • Analysis of water-related risks and opportunities both on site and across the value chain
  • Water footprint to identify hotspots and areas where consumption can be reduced
  • Strategic water management, identification of opportunities for action and monitoring of objective achievement
  • Application of the Water Stewardship Programme’s approach
  • Reporting using the leading standards (GRI, CDP Water, RobecoSAM, oekom research, etc.)