Supply Chain Management

Step by step towards a sustainable supply chain

Operating sustainably means looking beyond your own factory gates and working with your suppliers to make yourentire supply chain more sustainable. sustainable helps you identify significant sustainability opportunities and risks in your supply chain and respond to them in cooperation with your suppliers. 

Nachhaltigkeit, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, SSCM, Nachhaltige Lieferkette, Lieferanten

Stakeholders increasingly expect companies to apply their own sustainability standards across their supply chain. Integrated sustainability management requires that a company’s own approach to sustainability also be upheld in its supply chain. This entails raising suppliers’ awareness towards key sustainability issues and communicating the company’s own sustainability goals to them.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, which often have limited resources, focusing on the most critical processes and actors of the supply chain is an important first step towards achieving a transparent account of potential sustainability risks and opportunities across their supply chain. Afterwards, the development of a targeted implementation strategy and execution plans enables the company to address the most urgent sustainability concerns across departments and resource-efficient manner.

By supporting various companies and organisations in implementing sustainability across the entire value chain, sustainable has developed a practical and intuitive approach with which companies of all sizes can effectively transform mere supplier management into sustainable supply chain management.

We will help you conduct company-wide workshops to first identify your company’s most pressing supply chain sustainability concerns and then formulate and implement targeted responses. To improve your supply chain’s sustainability over the long-term, we will advise you on how you can further develop your supplier evaluation methods through the targeted integration of sustainability criteria into your supplier development program and by enhancing your supplier evaluation processes.