Governance Structures and Processes

Development, Establishment, and Steering of sustainability management

No strategy can work without effective management and efficient processes. To help you successfully put theory into practice, we will assist you in designing and implementing governance structures that will facilitate change and enable you to effectively act on your key sustainability concerns. 

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Development of a governance structure 

Successful sustainability management requires that sustainability be embedded in the company’s core business. This requires active engagement of top-level management as well as the adaptation of  the company’s central governance structure to ensure that sustainability measures are implemented across individual departments. sustainable will help you establish a governance structure that considers the particular organizational features of your company and clearly defines roles and responsibilities to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Development of action field models

The definition of sustainability action fields helps to frame the company’s strategy with regard to material sustainability issues. After prioritizing your sustainability concerns, it is essential to specify the themes the action fields cover and formulate goals for each field. A detailed but clear description of the company’s material sustainability concerns is important to determine the responsible business divisions and to create a framework to undertake the necessary implementation actions. Precise topics and clear objectives must be formulated for each sustainability action fields.

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Key performance indicators to steer progress

Sustainability management should aim to permanently integrate sustainability into existing business processes. To continuously monitor the company’s progress towards its target, the use of specific indicators is recommended. Our experts will help you develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to your specific objectives that enable your managers to evaluate and steer the sustainability implementation process. KPIs can be created to track different levels of implementation, e.g., to measure the impact and progress over time for key sustainability action fields or for individual sustainability measures. sustainable helps companies to establish fact-driven monitoring systems that are intuitive and easy to apply.