Data­ Management & Mandatory CSR Reporting

Development of a robust and efficient data management system

A robust and efficient data management system provides the basics for sustainability management and climate action as well as for mandatory CSR reporting. sustainable will help you analyse where improvements need to be made and assist you with the introduction of a data management system. We will then develop a training programme suited to the needs of your employees and managers and work with you to set up and provide the necessary tools and resources.

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Data management for managing sustainability

Efficient data management is a must-have for successful sustainability management. Key elements for good performance include precisely defined processes, accurate and consistent data and a data management tool tailored to your needs. We will help you to implement these three elements in a way that will facilitate the achievement of your sustainability goals. To this end, we will work with you to clearly define responsibilities, organizational structures and key performance indicators. This will allow you to improve the quality of the data for your sustainability report while saving you valuable time. As independent and experienced specialists, we can also provide you with objective advice regarding your choice of high-performance data management software. Additionally, sustainable offers a tailored-made CR-Dashboard to manage key sustainability issues highlighted in your annual report.

If you prefer to avoid the licence costs associated with commercial solutions, we can provide a data management tool tailored to your business needs, based on a solution developed by sustainable. These solutions are already being used by several of our clients and have proven to offer targeted, customizable and reliable data capture and management.

Download PDF with information on data management (only available in German)

Mandatory CSR reporting

The new mandatory CSR reporting Directive in the EU requires companies, banks and insurance firms to disclose the actions they are taking with regard to sustainability issues. In EU member states France and Denmark, an obligation to disclose information about certain sustainability aspects has already been in place for many years. The goal of implementing the EU-wide mandatory CSR reporting Directive is to achieve consistent and transparent reporting on environmental, social, labour and human rights and corruption and anti-bribery matters, and to ensure that disclosures of non-financial information is uniform comparable. The bill for the German transposition of mandatory CSR reporting Directive came into force on 19 April 2017. We support our clients with the preparation of the relevant information, data and performance indicators required for the reports.

Further information on this topic can be found on the website at, which we developed in cooperation with our sister company akzente.

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