Sustainability Management

sustainable helps companies of different sizes and from a wide range of industries to develop effective sustainability management practices along the entire value chain. We strive to work with companies in developing solutions to global challenges that ensure long-term business success while contributing to a sustainable development.

A fundamental requirement for success is the integration of sustainability in the core business. This requires active involvement of top-level management. In addition, it is necessary to adapt the company’s central governance structure to ensure that sustainability measures are implemented beyond the boundaries of individual departments. To this end, it is necessary to form a cross-departmental[DAHB1] team to identify and decide on the implementation of relevant sustainability measures and to agree on particular execution plans. This includes specifying deadlines and responsibilities for the implementation. In regular steering committee meetings, all main responsible parties discuss how implementation is progressing and decide whether any adjustments are required. sustainable  provides personalized support in preparing and moderating these steering committee meetings.

Governance Structures and Processes

No strategy can work without effective management and efficient processes.

Data Management & Mandatory CSR Reporting

Robust data management is essential for sustainability management and reporting.

Supply Chain Management

Stakeholders increasingly expect companies to extend their own sustainability performance standards to their supply chain.

Rating & Ranking

Sustainability ratings and rankings play a major role in the evaluation of corporate climate and sustainability strategies and the formulation of appropriate goals.

Water Management

The sustainable use of water as a resource and the proactive management of water risks are important components of sustainability management.