Special Equalization Scheme for Renewable Energy Costs

Energy-intensive companies & the Special Equalization Scheme

Under the Special Equalization Scheme, energy-intensive companies are highly impacted by the energy transition in Germany and will generally be entitled to a reduction on the renewable energy costs.

EEG-Begrenzung, Besondere Ausgleichsregelung, BAFA, Erneuerbare-Energie-Gesetz

Under the Special Equalization Scheme (Besondere Ausgleichsregelung – BesAR), companies with high electricity costs can apply to obtain a reductionon renewable energy coststo the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) via the online ELAN K2 portal. This reduction of electricity costs intends to safeguard German companies’ global competitiveness. Although the BesAR reduces the renewable energy costspaid by the beneficiaries, it does not entirely exempt them from it. The size of the reductionis calculated based on the quantity of electricity subject to the surcharge consumed by the eligible company and the ratio of the company’s electricity costs to its gross value added.

We can help you with your application and advise you on different strategic options:

  • Review of requirements for obtaining a reductionon renewable energy costs
  • Prognosis of financial implications
  • Assistance with submission of online applications
  • Training on how to use BAFA’s “ELAN K2” online portal
  • Assistance in communicating with the administrative bodies.