Development of Climate Mitigation ­Projects

Climate mitigation projects for voluntary carbon market or corporate climate strategies

The development of corporate climate mitigation projects is an opportunity to achieve your climate strategy target. GHG certificates generated by reducing emissions outside your organization’s boundary can be used to compensate for unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

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sustainable helps companies develop regional, national and international climate protection projects to reduce their greenhouse gas, NOx and black carbon emissions. Our work is guided by internationally recognized standards such as CDM, Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Social Carbon, Climate Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCBS) and Plan Vivo. National standards may be more suitable for the design of certain projects, for instance projects financed by carbon credits generated through internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs), which aim to provide a national-level contribution to the GHG emissions mitigation efforts of a specific country.

sustainable provides the following services to help you develop your own climate protection projects:

  • Project location sourcing in consultation with local authorities
  • Recruitment of anchor investors and support with drafting contracts
  • Evaluation of project ideas and performance of carbon due diligence for submission to investment committees
  • Development of methodologies based on established standards for emission calculation, monitoring and verification
  • Preparation of project design documents (PDDs)
  • Assistance with audit dates (validation and verification) and emission monitoring.