Climate Action

Committing to and implementing climate action helps you effectively put theory into practice. A complete GHG inventory of the main sources of emissions serves as a necessary basis for regular monitoring of corporate GHG emissions. sustainable helps you determine your Corporate Carbon Footprint and Product Carbon Footprints, and supports you with the operational implementation of EU emissions trading requirements, completing the CDP questionnaire, submitting applications for EEG rebates and developing climate protection projects.

Carbon Footprint

Almost all the activities your company is responsible for have an impact on the climate.

CDP Investor Request & Supply Chain

sustainable delivers CDP consultancy solutions since the year 2013 for a wide range of industries.

Development of Climate Mitigation Projects

Climate mitigation projects can be an effective means of achieving your climate strategy objectives.

EU Emissions Trading System

The EU Emissions Trading System has become the world’s largest market for trading greenhouse gas emissions.

Special Equalization Scheme for Renewable Energy Costs

Since the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) came into force, electricity consumers have been required to contribute to the implementation of the energy transition by paying an “EEG surcharge.”