Steffen Erhardt

Working student & master´s degree candidate, B.A. Business Economics

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B.A. in Business Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke with a stay abroad at the Universita Tor Vergata in Rome, with a minor in Management & Strategy. Bachelor thesis on the topic: “Sustainability potentials through digitalization as an opportunity for companies”. Currently in the master’s program Life Cycle & Sustainability (Msc.) at Pforzheim University. Steffen is currently writing his master thesis in cooperation with sustainable.

He gained practical experience as a Corporate Controller at ARDEX GmbH, as a Business Developer at the Start-up Kesselheld GmbH and as a student assistant at the university.

His focus at sustainable is Carbon Accounting and the development of climate strategies. Another focus is on Life Cycle Assessment and PCF’s.

Steffen has been with sustainable since 2021.