Markus Götz

Director, born in 1974, Diploma in Business Administration

Contact details

Tel. +49 (89) 202056-42


Studied Business Administration at Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and Tongji University, Shanghai. Completed training as wholesale and export-import agent at Conrad Electronic.

Markus has over 10 years of experience of advising companies on energy, climate and sustainability issues. From 2007-2013, he was project leader responsible for the development of national and international climate protection projects based on the Gold Standard, VCS, CDM and JI. Since 2010, Markus has also carried out assessments of climate protection projects for investors based on the CCBS, Social Carbon and Plan Vivo quality standards. Since 2011, his consulting work has also included supporting industrial enterprises covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme with regard to compliance strategies, allocation applications, emissions reporting and capacity expansion.

At sustainable, he focuses on advising companies with regard to the development of climate strategies compatible with the 2°C target for GHG Protocol Scope 1-3 greenhousegas emissions, the calculation and assessment of carbon footprints, providing sustainable finance support for companies and investors through Climate Impact Assessments, industrial enterprises in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, CDP consultancy (Climate Change, Supply Chain and Water), advising businesses on the introduction of data management systems, implementation of mandatory CSR reporting and the development of climate action management tools. Other aspects of his consultancy work include the development of climate protection projects, CO2certificate sourcing to help companies go carbon-neutral, and drafting analyses of the market for voluntary offsetting of GHG emissions.

As a project leader, his role encompasses project planning, control and management, and communication with customers as a key account manager. Markus employs specific management methods and know-how to realize projects in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Markus has been with sustainable since 2013.