Felix Drechsler

Consultant, born in 1988, Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Contact details

Tel. +49 (89) 202056-47
E-mail felix.drechsler@sustainable.de


Felix obtained an M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, specializing in renewable energy and environmental quality. He employs his expertise in the areas of sustainable energy production, water quality and waste and urban water management to work on a range of projects involving environmental impact modelling and assessment. In his Bachelor’s dissertation and Master’s thesis, he carried out comparative life cycle analyses in the fields of timber construction materials and rail transport infrastructure construction. He now focuses on corporate and carbon footprinting and life cycle assessments, developing and managing user-oriented IT tools for the collection and analysis of information from the entire corporate responsibility area and for Corporate and Product Carbon Footprints. Since 2015, he has also provided consulting services for strategic and operational tasks in connection with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Felix Drechsler has been with sustainable since 2012.