Dr. Sibyl Anwander

Director, Head of Hamburg Office

Contact details

Telefon +49 (0) 17 4310 8200
Email sibyl.anwander@sustainable.de


Professional experience: 1988-2001: scientific collaborator and lecturer for Agricultural Policy at Institute of Agrcultural Econnomics ETH

2001-2013 Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Coop Switzerland, one of the leading retailers. During this time, Sibyl Anwander initiated several national and international business initiatives in the field of retail and sustainable supply chains and served on the board of these organization, among them BSCI and BEPI (today: amfori) or the Swiss network on Sustainable Soy. From 2015- 2019, Sibyl Anwander was head of Economics and Innovation at the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) with thematic topics like Green Economy, sustainable Finance, Policy Evaluation und sustainable public procurement. In 2019, S. Anwander moved to Hamburg and worked as an independent consultant.

Her focus at sustainable AG will be the lead and development of the office in Hamburg including support in the develoment of new services.

Sibyl previously worked at Soil & More Impacts and has been supporting sustainable AG as Director and Head of Hamburg Office since 2022.