SBTi & Net Zero

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Road to Net Zero CO2 emissions – sustainable’s route to CO2-neutrality

For more than 10 years, sustainable has been advising companies and local authorities on sustainability and climate protection. The focus is on the promotion of the topics and the raising awareness amongst employees. As a consulting company for social, ecological and economic sustainability, we play a leading role for our clients and would like to act as a pioneer regarding our own climate protection commitment.

This position, together with our intrinsic motivation, motivates us every day to work on socially relevant issues and led to the adoption of our 1.5°C climate target in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). To achieve this, we are continuously reducing our annual carbon footprint to reach carbon neutrality in 2025, as officially agreed with SBTi.

In our report, we want to transparently lay out how we are proceeding towards the target and communicate our annual efforts.


Our report (PDF download)