sustainable & denkstatt introduce new webinar series

Even though greenhouse gas emissions have fallen worldwide due to reduced economic activity, investors are demanding, especially now, that companies pursue a long-term strategy that goes beyond short-term reductions in corporate climate impact.

To help companies on this path, we are looking forward to a new format: Together with our cooperation partner denkstatt, we are now starting a new series of webinars. It will start with an English-language session on “Climate risk assessment using TCFD” on May 7 at 10-10.45 a.m.

The webinar will provide practical guidance on how to implement the TCFD framework in order to better understand how a company’s business model is exposed to climate risks and what opportunities can be seized in a decarbonised future. The course covers TFCD basics as well as possibilities for integrating climate-relevant key figures into corporate reporting.

More information and free registration here