New discussion paper “Overcoming barriers for corporate scope 3 action in the supply chain”

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that occur in the upstream supply chain are a hotspot in the GHG inventory of many companies. For WWF Germany, sustainable has described common challenges and possible solutions in tackling GHG emissions in the supply chain.

WWF Germany’s new discussion paper first identifies general barriers in dealing with GHG emissions from upstream and downstream activities (Scope 3) and then addresses four key challenges in addressing specifically GHG emissions in the upstream supply chain: (1) The accounting challenge (2) The impact measurement challenge (3) The supply chain action challenge (4) The RE supply chain challenge. The paper also sets out possible solutions to all these challenges.

The findings in the paper result from the experience of WWF Germany and sustainable AG in working with companies on climate action in a national and international context. They have been validated through a series of eight stake- holder interviews with company representatives from the apparel and footwear, retailing, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, automotive as well as engineering and technology sector.

The paper was presented on 22 November as part of the event “Expert Round: Climate Protection in the Supply Chain – Challenges and Approaches” at the premises of BayWa AG in Munich. The event was hosted by WWF Germany and the German Global Compact Network.

The discussion paper can be found here.