BayWa AG adopts climate strategy in line with the goals of the Paris UN climate agreement

BayWa AG has adopted a strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1&2) with support of sustainable AG. Therewith the company contributes an adequate share to limiting global warming to well below 2°C.

Until 2025 the company aims at reducing its Scope 1&2 emissions by 22% until 2025 compared to 2017. Also the overall energy consumption per € EBITDA shall be reduced by 22% in the same period. The strategy is complemented by the target to cover 100% of the BayWa electricity needs with renewable energies by 2020. Until 2030 BayWa AG will become climate-neutral. Until 2025 the company aims at extending its renewable energy generation capacity by 10 gigawatt to supply also its customers with renewable energies.

BayWa AG has used the methods and criteria of the Science Based Targets Initiative as guidance for its strategy development process.

For details please check the BayWa Sustainability Report 2018.