Getting on the “road to the <2°C economy" with eight projects

Over an 18-month period, 40 companies worked intensively together on the joint project „Weg in die <2°-Wirtschaft“ (road to the <2° economy) of Foundation 2° and WWF along a creative process conceived and facilitated by sustainable AG. Now, projects with concrete solutions were presented in Berlin in the presence of Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze.

What would our life and economy look like in a low-emission society in 2050? This question, along with a future-visioning workshop and an exciting lecture by a futurologist, triggered an intensive work phase in June 2017 in the thematic clusters of transport, buildings and industrial production.

A series of four workshops in each of the three thematic clusters finally led to the development of goal-oriented project ideas that contribute to the <2°C economy. The special feature of this approach was above all the inter-company cooperation along the value chain in the development of concrete projects.

On June 27, 2018, the companies finally presented their projects in Berlin to the German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and an interested public. The projects ranged from innovative neighbourhood concepts with low-emission building and mobility solutions and a system solution for real-time measurement of CO2 emissions from industrial plants to a project that opens commercial parking lots in city centers with parking pressure at night for charging e-cars. The projects will be presented individually on the website during the autumn 2018. The joint project “Weg in die <2°-Wirtschaft” (way into the <2° economy) with funding from the Federal Environment Ministry will end at the end of November – but the implementation and scaling of the project ideas will only really start then.

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