Publication of a new step-by-step guide to corporate climate management

The Deutsche UN Global Compact Netzwerk (German UN Global Compact Network) and sustainable have jointly published a revised English-language publication on all aspects of corporate climate management.In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and the global goal to limit global warming to well below two degrees, more and more companies strife to adopt a systematic approach in managing their GHG emissions as well as the risks and opportunities arising from climate change.

The publication “Corporate Climate Action – A step-by-step guide for companies” offers practical advice around setting up a GHG inventory, managing relevant data, developing a climate strategy, steering target achievement with KPIs and reporting transparently to stakeholders. In an unparalleled way, it combines best-practice corporate approaches and knowledge from established methodologies and reporting standards such as the GHG Protocol, CDP and GRI.

Please find the English version of the publication here.