sustainable moderates the „Zukunftsgalerie“ as a start of the project “The Road to a <2° Economy"

The workshop series of the project “The Road to a <2° Economy” started with a foresight.

About 25 company representatives came together in the EnBW representative office in Berlin on 19thJune to discuss perspectives of a <2°-conform economy and to derive conclusions: What could our life and our economy look like in 2050? Which underlying conditions and drivers are especially relevant on the way to it? Jan-Marten Krebs and Dr. Gereon Klein from sustainable AG led through the day as moderators.

Impulses for the discussions in the morning were given by future researcher Pero Mićić and a “future gallery” with around 160 future images from the inventory of the FutureManagementGroup as well as from own research. The aim of the gallery was to show by examples what a climate-friendly future could look like, in order to derive ideas for the further course of the project from it.

In the afternoon, the conversations within the topic clusters buildings, industrial production and traffic became more concrete. Company representatives among the supply chain came together and led cross-sectoral discussions about aspects and chances of a development of their industries towards greenhouse gas neutrality.

In September 2017, the workshop phase of the project starts with the topic clusters of traffic, buildings and industrial production. Company practitioners will work intensively with solutions for the <2° Economy that are valid across different companies.

sustainable supports the conception and implementation of the project.